About TAE

Three Attic Entertainment was started in 2016 by UNC graduates who wanted to create an outlet for the abundance of production talent in central North Carolina, establish a new standard for low budget media production, & help foster the cinematic community throughout NC. Co-founders Tanner King & Chris Allen graduated from The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with degrees in media production and cinema studies. Their similar backgrounds and complementary skill sets provide for a broad range of available contract services.

TAE’s intent is to build a list of creative pursuits & contractual projects to consistently hire local talent, providing credits for young artists and fair, profitĀ  based pay for everyone involved, from actors to cameramen. Over the next 5 years, TAE hopes to escalate to producing at least 1 feature film, 12 shorts, and numerous small productions, contract jobs, and designs yearly.

Contract Services

Three Attic Entertainment is proud to offer an ever evolving list of services to potential clients. Below are some of the basic services we offer. Contact us via email at threeatticnc@gmail.com for more information and pricing.

Traditional and VR Real Estate Videography

Using traditional video technology or 4k virtual reality capture, TAE can shoot your rental property or home to maximize asking price and market your property in a novel, yet powerful way. VR videography allows potential renters or purchasers the means to step into the property, digitally, and better understand the dimensions and qualities of the unit.

4K Virtual Reality Videography

Utilizing a camera designed to capture 360 degrees of view in a 4K resolution, TAE can preserve events in a 3D space. This is practical as a means of recording and presenting real-estate, commemorate weddings, and preserve special events for later recollection. VR videography is the best way to place your self or clients clients in the middle of the space or the action.

Artist and Small Business Promotions

TAE can produce video products for use in social media campaigns, and well as local advertising avenues. These include but, are not limited to, artist and entrepreneur interviews, cinemagraphs, event videography, or comprehensive artist or business shorts.

Music Publishing

TAE can easily submit songs to Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and over 150 other streaming platforms via DistroKid. All fees associated with publishing music can be waived by allowing TAE to include the songs in the clearinghouse, to be used, with the artist notified and paid for each use, in other TAE productions.

Video Editing

Using Adobe Premier, TAE can edit pre-shot sequences to the needs of clients. Whether it’s creating something memorable out of home videos, or composing an acting reel, we will happily clip, order, and edit your footage.

Basic Motion Graphics

TAE’s in-house editors offer a variety of options for motion graphics, including video annotations and credit sequences.

Auxiliary Shooting

TAE will provide cameramen and whatever equipment available to shoot your project or event! Details can be discussed on the case by case basis to determine clients’ needs and what solutions can be offered.